Metro Traffic Controller - Electrical/Electronics Engineer

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Metro Traffic Controller - Electrical/Electronics Engineer

About the company

RATP Dev, in the Middle East and across the world, is committed to developing and optimising public transportation systems. Everywhere, we operate to boost the local economy and quality of life of our passengers. Everywhere, we are driven by excellence, passion and determination in welcoming challenge.

RATP Dev Middle East is the regional head office which operates and maintains urban transportation systems in multiple countries, on four continents, carrying more than 1.5 billion annual passengers on its networks. Headquartered in Dubai, RATP Dev Middle East has become a leading, innovative and sustainable mobility player in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. 

In the wider MENA region, RATP Dev Mobility Cairo (RDMC) will soon be in charge of the operations and maintenance of Cairo Line 3 and its future extensions therefore we are actively sourcing quality talent for this new and exciting venture in Egypt.

About the job

• Before COD (Commercial Date Operation) :

- Involvements in setting up of the OCC.
- Will be responsible for the assigned controlling duties.
- Will be involved in the writing of the CCP/PCP procedures.

• During ETR (Empty Trial Running):

- Will assist the CCP Manager in the definition of the ETR program.
- Will assist the CCP Manager in organising the role of the CCP division during ETR.
- Is Responsible to run some tests.

• After COD (Commercial Date Operation):

- Monitors the movement of trains of Mainline/Depot.
- Monitor the Alarms/Events through SCADA workstation
- Manage the train services
- Assists the CCP Manager to review and analyses operations and monitors system performance to identify and solves problems and ensures efficient and costs effective operations.
- Assists in evaluating the performance of the CCP to ensure conformance with the directions goals and objectives and eliminates impediments to peak performance.
- Assists in directing all operations during evacuation like informing maintenance managers, direct station officers, train drivers, keep monitoring the situation through feedbacks and takes corrective actions.
- Assists the CCP Manager in preparation of reports, correspondence, standard operating procedures and transportation notices (time tables),
- Maintains, supports and promotes a safe work environment while complying with all of Metro's safety rules, policies and procedures.

Power :

- Will be in charge of the power supply network management. To do so he will configure the PCP as per the scenario of operations.
- Besides, he will configure the network for maintenance needs without disturbing the running of trains.
- Configuration of the PCP to scenarios of operation in the degraded mode.
- During the night shift, when maintenance work is in progress, he will be responsible to ensure the correct configuration of the circuit breakers with the aid of the computerized system of SCADA.
- Feeds electrical power to the depot (stabling tracks, depot tracks) based on the request of Maintenance Direction.
- Is responsible for the device cut off in case of request by any drivers.

Signaling :

- Interlocking against conflicting routes.
- Flank protection.
- Point detection and track-circuit clearance.
- Routes over-run protection.
- Signal indications to support line of sight driving procedure.
- Bi-direction working on each line, between adjacent interlocking stations.
- Route holding of a set route, when a train is approaching, within the route and the overlap.
- Releases of the route post the safe and scheduled passage of a train, on a set route.
- Route and track circuit clearance and blocking.


- Monitors the trains and the delays which can occur due to the following cases:
- Incidents on the line.
- Organizing exchange of trains between depot and mainline and vice versa.
- Routes setting on entrance/exit to/from the depot.


• Bachelor Degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering

• English language (Fluent)
• Drafting operation rules & procedures
• Drafting training documentation
• Developing cooperative relationships with internal and external actors
• Having strong oral and written communication skills
• Management skills

• Minimum 3 years' experience of extensive proven gained in a railway operation or similar environment.

Benefits & how to apply

We offer a competitive remuneration package. If your qualifications, experience and skills fit our requirements, please click on the “Apply” button above and we will review your application.

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01 - Permanent contract

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Job location

Africa, Egypt

Base location

Cairo, Egypt

Candidate criteria

Level of education required

Bachelor or equivalent

Level of experience required

From 2 to 5 years