Planning Engineer M/F

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Planning Engineer M/F

About the company

RATP Dev, is a multinational French company, operating across the world, is committed to developing and optimizing public transportation systems. Everywhere, we operate to boost the local economy and quality of life of our passengers. Everywhere, we are driven by excellence, passion, and determination in welcoming challenge.

RATP Dev Middle East is the regional head office of RATP Dev which operates and maintains urban transportation systems in 13 countries, on four continents, carrying more than 1.5 billion annual passengers on its networks. Headquartered in Dubai for 10 years, RATP Dev Middle East has become a leading innovative and sustainable mobility players in the MENA region. Recognized as a worldwide expert in automated metro, RATP Dev has been awarded significant contracts in the Middle East and is now operating a total of 5 driverless metro lines in the region, including two of the Riyadh metro in Saudi Arabia.

In the larger MENA region, RATP Dev operates Algiers metro, Algeria's tramway networks, and Casablanca (Morocco) tramways. RATP Dev will soon be in charge of the operations and maintenance of Cairo Line 3 and its future extension therefore we are actively sourcing quality talent for this new and exciting venture in Egypt.

About the job

• Assists the Planning Manager in his duties.
• Develops the transport offer is delivered in accordance with transport manager, maintenance, customer services and HR directions.
• Is responsible for setting up processes, methods, and organisation for operations & engineering, such as :
o Running of line 3 and futures extensions of line 3 (Phase 4) ensuring the adatped transport offers,
o Providing the timetables planning of train services, overseeing the roster of all operations staff,
o Increase passeneger revenue incomes.
• Ensures relations with the various services (maintenance, operations, customer service, quality and HR teams, ...).
• Applies medium- and long-term strategies for operations for the line(s) in operating.
• Manages the sceduling and rosstering database.
• Prepares, validates and deploys corrective action plans following performance analyses (including service reability analysis, performance, service regulation calculation, planning staff, roster scheduling and timetables preparation, …).
• Informs the different calendar tools on time for operations (for instance : OGT or equivalent, MMS, …) and ensures the link with planners and dispatching officers.
• Analyzes the traffic and the revenues analysis in other to prepare adjusted timetables and the training to be prepared and managed.
• Explores the different ways for timetable improvement and makes proposals.
• Guarantees operational KPI targets of the line are met.


• Diploma / Degree in Engineering or B.Sc./M.Sc. with Physics / Electronics / Computer Science.
• Good English drafting skills for preparing the modules/procedures.
• Working knowledge of computers.
• Experience of training
• English language and the local language
• Defining medium and long term strategies for Operation of the lines
• Drafting operation rules & procedures
• Drafting training documentation
• Management skills
• Communication skills (Oral and Written)
• Valid driving license.
• A medical test will be organized in order to access the capability of the candidate for the job.
• Special psychometric tests to access candidate capabilities.
• Qualified for driving trains.
• Qualified for track access.
• Qualifed for operations jobs (CCP, Security and Control, …).
• Minimum 3 years' experience of extensive proven gained in a railway operation or similar environment.
• Demonstrated knowledge and skills in managing contracts and a large operational workforce (human, social, organisation and technical).

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01 - Permanent contract

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Africa, Egypt

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Cairo, Egypt

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Bachelor or equivalent

Level of experience required

From 2 to 5 years